We are so excited to have you living with us this year! We understand that moving into a new rental house can be a little complicated since there are so many things to coordinate, and we are hoping this information will make the transition a little easier for you. If you have any questions after reading through your lease agreement and this e-mail please feel free contact us via the email and phone number lister below.

Chickering Contact Information:

Phone: 812-360-1975
E-mail: info@chickeringrentals.com
Office: 214 N Rogers Street (call ahead to schedule an appointment)

What to expect on move-in day:

Call in to our office a few days prior to move-in to schedule a time to meet at our office to collect your keys and double check that all of your paperwork is filled out. At that time, we will need:

  • Notification that utilities have been transferred into a current tenants name. Below is contact information for the various utility companies in Bloomington.

    City of Bloomington Utilities (Water/Trash Removal): 812-349-3930

    Vectren Energy Delivery (Gas): 800-777-2060
    Duke Energy (Electric): 800-521-2232

    ** Please note that we do not recommend using the online portals to set up these services. Previous tenants have had issues with this that have resulted in time without the utilities working. We recommend that you call in and speak with someone in person.

  • In your move-in packet, you will receive a copy of your property’s move-in inspection. This form describes the condition of the property upon move in and is used during the move out inspection to determine the condition of the property. Please review the inspection. Tenants have 7 days to report any additional items that they would like to have included in the move-in inspection.

TV and Internet:

  • TV and internet are not required utilities, but if you choose to set up the services we have included the contact information to AT&T and Comcast.

  • Please remember if you set up these services that the techs should not make any holes in the walls or ceilings. Also, satellites are NOT allowed on the roofs of any of the houses.

    Comcast: 800-934-6489

    AT&T: 800-331-0500

Trash Removal:

  • The City of Bloomington is responsible for your trash removal. The charge for this service will be included on your monthly water bill.

  • Each property should receive a recycling bin(s) and a trash bin(s). City of Bloomington reserves the right to leave full bins if there is evidence that the recycling and trash has not been sorted properly.

  • Bins must be removed from the curb promptly or may result in charges from the City of Bloomington. More information about CBU policies can be located in the link below.

  • Each section of the county has a different trash removal day. You can check your trash pick up date by clicking HERE

Privacy Policy:

To ensure your privacy we will not be able to discuss lease terms, move-in/move-out details, rent, maintenance, etc. with anyone who is not listed on the lease. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, but due to privacy concerns we are only able to discuss the contents of the lease you entered into with Chickering Rentals with the parties who are listed on the legal document. We will handle all items of business regarding the lease in this manner. This policy was put into place to protect your privacy and personal information. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office.